Mullein & More

We have a lot of mullein that grows near our house. The kids call it the fuzzy plant.


Until today though, I don’t think I knew that it would grow so tall and bloom! (usually gets mowed before it has a chance).


We finally got rain last night, but alas, it was way too late for the poor raspberries. We have a large patch of wild ones near our house and we usually make jelly and cobblers, etc. Often there are so many that we don’t end up picking them all. This year, they’ve “ripened” but they are hard little nuts instead of juicy berries. Really inedible–they are essentially seeds only, no juice.


Comfrey from friends has survived a variety of chicken attacks and is actually blooming now.

And sage from another friend is also doing pretty well (I water these though, the raspberries no).



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