I recently got a bee in my bonnet to grow our own vanilla plants. I’ve been planning to make vanilla extract with some friends to give as Christmas gifts this year and in researching the (high) cost of vanilla beans, I learned that vanilla comes from the vanilla orchid and it can (theoretically) be grown as a houseplant or in a greenhouse. So…I ordered five little plants and I’m going to grow some vanilla beans of my own! The process is lengthy, but be prepared for some stunning results (and tasty vanilla) in about two or three years 🙂


My mother’s day rosebush from a couple of years ago is still looking nice this year:


And, while the raspberries are goners, it looks like we might still have a chance at a few blackberries this year. We’ve got a couple of canes that came up right next to the back deck and it is shaded enough that they don’t seem to have desiccated into nothingness the way the wild raspberries did:



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