Welcome to Stonehaven!

This website represents an integration of our family, life, work, hobbies, values, and experiences. We hope you enjoy your visit to this virtual expression of our lives. We encourage simple, healthy, natural living, and service to community and the earth.

Why Stonehaven? Because the woods behind our house are filled with big, cool rocks that are ancient and awe-inspiring. You can see part of one in the page header. Also, we discovered how many really cool little rocks there are all around on our property (well, cool for us to look at, not cool for gardening or for digging holes to put porch posts into!) . They have lots of crystals on them, interesting patterns, multi-textured layers, neat colors, cool bumps, and so forth.

Information about childbirth education classes serving the Rolla, Missouri area may be found at Molly’s Talk Birth site.

Molly also blogs for Citizens for Midwifery and the family is involved with Shannondale Craft Camp.