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Wild Surprises!

Something that never ceases to amaze and reassure me about the environment is how very rapidly nature acts to reclaim what is hers. When we cleared part of the field for the vineyard, it was an ugly scar. Now, despite drout and some weed whacking, the ground between the rows of grapes has been claimed by a variety of tenacious little plants and flowers that seem to be thriving in the altered ecosystem. We were out this week and I suddenly was on a 300 Things walk again discovering all manner of wildflowers making their homes amidst the grapevines. Of course, some of them are not desirable additions, but they all hold their own beauty just the same.

I think this is vetch making kind of a nifty ground cover with pretty purple flowers:


Love these sweet, delicate wild petunias!

And, a touch of yellow:
Horse nettles may be sharp and potentially fatally poisonous, but check out their pretty flowers!
Something else yellow I can’t ID is preparing for its turn to bloom:
The most pretty and most unfortunately named of my discoveries this gorgeous strand of…

Yep…Beggar’s Lice. Bummer! It is SO pretty! And yet, so annoying when it turns to burrs. Such an ugly, ugly common name too.

More popped up in the greenhouse too. So sweet and delicate looking!


We have a helpful watering assistant:

The boys were excited to show me this row of tiny mushrooms that sprang up after it finally rained this week.


And, even better was this huge parasol mushroom in the front yard. I think the spirits of lactation are trying to tell me something…




September 8, 2012 · 1:20 am


The grapevines are all still doing well. Mark put up stakes by each of them last weekend and it is amazing and cool to see how very quickly the plants put out tendrils and snagged onto to the stakes, quickly anchoring themselves. Magic!



It is hard to get a good picture of one of the actual rows of plants because of all the other pesky grasses that keep trying to reclaim their former home.


Small girl picking stuff


The kids were all working hard digging in this dirt pile left from clearing the vineyard and I thought it was pretty cute!


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Vineyard trellis wires

Yesterday, Mark finished stringing all the trellis wires in the vineyard. It is looking great! He really did it.

Tightening the last wire:

All finished!


Half of the vineyard. The plants are all doing really well. We had a problem with deer eating some leaves recently and we manually pick off and squash Japanese beetles twice a day (only about 3 a day now total, rather than three per plant as it was last month. Out of the 50 plants planted only one didn’t grow. Pretty good ratio!

It looked like it was going to pour down rain, but alas it never did. 😦

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Vineyard progress

The baby grapevines are starting to leaf out! Some varieties are doing better than others.



Can’t see them very well, but a different view of the whole field. 20120531-195022.jpg

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Vineyard Project

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